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Who are your patients?

Our patients lose an average of one to two pounds each week.* Results will depend on many factors, including your starting weight, medical conditions, personal approach, individual efforts and program design. Typically, our patients lose an average of 25 pounds after a 12-week program.*

*DISCLAIMER: Please note, actual results may vary.


Lean at Last MD programs are comprehensively designed for each individual person therefore, this program is for everyone. Some patients have struggled with weight their entire lives; others come to us after major life changes such as career transitions, childbirth, or menopause. Some are looking to correct or improve medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol while others simply want to lose weight quickly and safely in order to regain their former selves. Our patients range in age from 16+ to seniors, busy schedules to sedentary lifestyles, experience dieting to no experience with weight-loss at all!​ Lean at Last MD guarantees there is a value in this program for everyone!

Our comprehensive program is not a diet; it’s a way of life. Major lifestyle change is not easy and that is why diets fail. At Lean at Last MD, we empower you to transform your lifestyle in order to lose weight and keep it off. We do this by providing the ongoing weekly personal support to keep you on track. Most importantly, our program is flexible enough to address challenges and issues specific to your life and circumstances. Physician-supervised and scientifically-based weight loss, our program will help you overcome obstacles with time-tested techniques and smart, effective and integrative strategies. Unlike a diet, cleanse, or fad, our program builds fundamental knowledge and behavior change which is the key to sustained weight management.

Why weekly sessions?

What do I eat? Is there a certain amount of calories I should consume?

We will assist you in designing a custom plan that best fits your lifestyle. Lean at Last MD focuses and emphasizes the consumption of real food and regular exercise. We do not believe in diets. We believe in lifestyle changes and healthy habits. We believe our clients can learn how to maintain a healthy weight long-term as long as they are learning and practicing healthy eating habits during weight loss. We teach our patients how to shop, order, and prepare healthy food for themselves — with an emphasis on strategies for eating in real-world settings like the workplace and with family. That’s hard to do if you’re eating packaged meals or drinking a series of shakes and juices and for that reason, we do not sell prepackaged meals, create diet plans with high caloric deficits or teach our clients to restrict.

FDA-approved Appetite suppressants or other prescriptions can be apart of a program when indicated. Some patients choose not to take medication while others use FDA-approved appetite suppressants to compliment their program. We only prescribe medication with a long history of safe use. Any appetite suppressants used by our clinic have been FDA-approved for decades. With any medication, there are side effects or risks. These will be disclosed to patients whom choose this route. 


According to the National Institutes of Health’s Executive Guidelines for the Treatment of Overweight and Obesity, weight loss medication can serve a useful purpose as part of a comprehensive weight loss program involving nutrition education, exercise recommendations, and behavioral changes. If you would like to use medication to compliment your program, you will have the opportunity to discuss your options with one of our clinicians. Should you and your clinician choose prescription medication as part of your program, these are provided at no extra charge*.


*Please note: Some FDA-appetite suppressants may be require out of pocket fees.

¹​​Phentermine. (2006). Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs: The International Encyclopedia of Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions, 2804-2805

Do you accept insurance?

Are FDA-approved appetite suppressants or other prescription medications apart of the program?

Payment is due at time of service.​ Following an initial appointment, we will present interested patients with an option to pay for appointments as you go or on a package basis. We are more than happy to provide an itemized receipt for patients whom request it. These receipts can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement. Please note, Lean at Last MD does not submit these claims. We cannot guarantee that any claims submitted will be reimbursed. 

How much weight will I expect to lose?

During the first few years of Lean at Last MD, Dr. Stuart Weisman made a groundbreaking discovery. As practicing as a Gastroenterologist, he found that a lot of his patients attributed symptoms all linked back to their weight. Dr. Weisman gave these patients tools and strategies to lose weight. After not seeing some patients for weeks and despite his efforts, none seemed to lose weight. The concept of this discovery and numerous studies that support our own experience: long-term weight loss success is greatest when supported by consistent and frequent visits.

In these meetings, we support your progress by fine-tuning your program,  monitoring your health, and developing strategies to overcome any obstacle. These appointments offer patients time to reflect, troubleshoot, ask questions, and raise any concerns. Our weekly appointments are available both in=person and virtually through Telemedicine, a HIPAA compliant video chat.

 I've tried everything to lose weight!  What makes Lean at Last MD different?

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