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Richard's Story

** “I enrolled in the program after a dinner conversation with a friend who suggested I think about losing weight with Lean at Last MD. When I started the program and stepped on the scale for the first time, I was shocked to learn that my extra weight put me in the category of 2nd stage obesity. What is interesting is that I was stocky but no one told me I should lose weight.

The program was unbelievably supportive. They only give advice and do not ask you to do something you do not want to which supported my busy business and personal life. I found the program easy to follow and lost weight rapidly. Within two weeks I had lost 14 lbs and continued to lose weight every week throughout the 14 week program for a total weight loss of 43 lbs.

On a personal note, my wife and I visit our children in San Diego and when we flew she always sat across the aisle from me. Now that I have lost weight and do not fill up the airplane seat, my wife sits next to me! Lean at Last MD has changed my health, my life and lifestyle.” 

​** Please note, individual results may vary from person to person.