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How successful is the ReShape procedure?


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* Please note, results may vary. 

The ReShape gastric balloons are inserted uninflated,through the mouth using a long, flexible scope during an outpatient procedure that takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Sedation is used during the procedure to enable the patient to “nap” while the balloon is being placed. Once the balloons are in place, they will be filled with a sterile saline solution. The amount of saline can be adjusted to suit the needs and the stomach size of each patient.

The removal is a similar procedure that occurs after 6 months of the balloons being in a patients stomach. 

During the first few days after the balloon is inserted, patients may experience some discomfort, including bloating and nausea, but these issues will resolve once the stomach adjusts. Patients will consume a liquid diet for a few days, and then soft and solid foods will be reintroduced.

ReShape has been available in Europe since 2011 and has shown clinically significant weight loss in commercial use. In a prospective evaluation of 60 patients conducted in Spain, the patients demonstrated on average, a weight loss of 47% of excessive weight.  

In the reduced trial demonstrated by the USA, patients who underwent ReShape lost 28% of excessive weight, which is 2.3x more excessive weight loss at six months in comparison to controlled patients treated with diet and exercise alone that lost 12% of excessive weight. 

Please note, individual results may vary.

What is the ReShape Procedure?

The ReShape gastric balloon is a dual balloon that is inserted into the stomach and designed to conform to the natural curve of the stomach, making it a more comfortable option. The ReShape balloons differ from other products due to their dual balloon technology which creates less space within the stomach thus reducing the food intake and providing a feeling of fullness in a safe way.

How are the balloons inserted/removed? Will I be able to feel the balloons in my stomach?

The Founder of Lean at Last MD, Dr. Stuart Weisman, has been practicing Gastroenterology for decades. Dr. Weisman has performed over 10,000 endoscopies in his lifetime and has run a successful premier weight loss and management clinic for over 8 years. 

 After the balloon is inserted, some doctors refer their patients to a virtual dietician that meets with them once a month for the entire year the balloons are in place. 

Lean at Last MD decided to take this a step further and incorporate the exact quality care that the Lean at Last MD program patients receive. We have designed a tailored fit version of our program to meet the needs of ReShape patients to create lasting success, even after the balloons have been removed. 

For the first 3 months after the insertion,  appointments generally will be scheduled weekly  with Dr. Weisman and Megan Branum, P.A. These appointments have an option for an in-person meeting or a virtual meeting through Telemedicine. After the first 3 months of success, the appointments will decrease to biweekly (in-person or virtual) for the remainder of the duration that the balloons are in a patients stomach.

During the 6 months post-balloon removal, Lean at Last MD will schedule monthly appointments to ensure acquired healthy habits are maintained for lasting success.

​All of these appointments are available to patients in office or through a virtual appointment portal.

Patients are also able to schedule as many appointments as they would like on a pay-as-you-go basis if they feel they are needing more support.

The ReShape Procedure is a first-of-its-kind, non-surgical weight loss procedure that uses advanced integrated dual balloon technology to help people with mild to moderate obesity lose weight. Recently FDA approved, patient's who undergo the procedure receive 12 months of comprehensive counseling and support services that include frequent in office visits, coaching sessions to encourage healthy habits and lasting results.

The ReShape balloons stay in a patients stomach for 6 months. During that time, the Team at Lean at Last MD will schedule weekly to biweekly appointments to provide support, coaching and ensure success so patients may create healthy habits that will last even after the balloons have been removed.

What is the ReShape Gastric balloon?

What differs from Lean at Last MD and other doctors that are providing the ReShape Procedure?

How long do the balloons stay in your stomach?