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Pat's Story

** “I started Lean at Last MD because my girlfriend, Kim, had tremendous success with the program. She lost 75 lbs and her success made me want to do it. Dieting has been my whole life. I would lose weight but gained it back every time. With a doctor-supervised program and Kim’s weight loss success, I felt that this was a program for me.

Lean at Last MD is the greatest gift I have ever given myself. This doctor-supervised diet is not like other programs. I have weekly counseling sessions with a medically supervised team committed to helping me. I take a weight loss diet pill, adjusting to the right does for me, and this curbs my appetite and makes it easier to stick to a diet. I am not focused on food and have shifted to a focus on life.

My friend’s jaws drop when they see me. They hardly recognize me. I have a new job and when the company handed out t-shirts for a promotional campaign, I fit into a MEDIUM sized shirt, and actually did a dance in the dressing room after I put it on. It’s pretty cool to be a ‘regular’ girl. Now I am training for my first 5K run. Before my weight loss I couldn’t run for 10 minutes without running out of breath. It is still a journey, but the longer I maintain, the easier it gets. It is important to do this for yourself. Life is worth preserving, and I am now living the life I choose to live.”

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